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Monday, July 11, 2005

Socialising softwares

My friend and colleague James Dellow gave an excellent presentation at the NSW KM Forum last week. In a highly interactive discussion, the conversation ranged around phenomena such as the Webshots shoebox concept, wikis and blogs, online dating, swarming, mobile profile-driven advertising (yes, and dating) and much more. James gently stirred those members of the audience that were co-opting explicitly 'social' softwares as platforms for traditional content publishing (okay, so I'd turned the comments feature off til I get going with my blog, it's not a crime!) It was an interesting and thought provoking session that had us wondering whether we had real social lives or were leading meta social existences, electronic Margaret Meads navigating the ethnographic reality of today's teens (and indeed tweens!) Most of went for dinner and a few drinks at a Chinese restaurant in Kent Street to think through the ramifications and the future of the forum...

I've been doing an MYOB course over the past couple of weeks. Amazing integration opportunites with Australia's biggest SME application, this side of the web - with the web, CRM, etc. ERP for SMEs.

Met some very interesting people at a Sydney SWAP meeting including QUT Executive in residence the fabulously wealthy and entertaining Ann McKevitt and also the proprietor of the impressive Video Ezy Sydney CBD and Edgecliff stores.

I also found out that the Australian Bureau of Statistics is now allowing free downloads of their reports. Check out Measures of a knowledge-based economy and society, which I remember contributing to about a million years ago.

That's my knowledge sharing contribution for this week.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hello world

Another weblog; who needs it? Well, this is one is for me, mostly.

Like many people, I often find I want to re-visit ideas I've encountered in articles, books and on the web. Sometimes I find I can't recall the context - what were the connections I'd made or suspected? A weblog seems to me a pretty good way to create a searchable knowledge journal.

It may be of value to others as a by-product - as someone who values knowledge-sharing, I hope so.